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For over 10+ years, King Pest Control has been a pest control company specializing in rodent control services in Pakistan. It has the latest equipment and eco-friendly pest control methods. Rodents' sharp teeth allow them to chew, which can cause significant problems and property damage.

What is Rodent Control? How do these affect our daily lives?

Rodent control is a set of strategies and practices for managing and eliminating unwelcome pests like Mice, Rats, and Voles. It can be done in homes, businesses, and even agricultural settings.

Why Rodent Control Services Matter

Their constant gnawing places like food production factories, hospitals, corporate settings, and the residential sector can damage electrical wiring, furniture, insulation, and building structures.
That may cause various diseases like hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis, which can harm humans and pets.
In the agricultural sector, rodents can ruin crops, leading to substantial economic losses for farmers.
Rodent Control Services

KPC Best Professional Rat Control Services Company in Lahore

King Pest Control Services is the best professional rodent control services company in Lahore because we train professionals to control current infestations in homes and businesses and to prevent future infestations as part of our best rodent pest control services.

Rodent control solutions for homes are different from those for commercial and industrial sectors. In Pakistan, the rodent problem in homes is less than in the commercial and industrial sectors. Residential people think the costs of rat control services are too high. Due to this, residential clients approach DIY Rodent Control methods. Those are just temporary solutions.

King Pest Control services professionals teams have impactful and strategic solutions to control rodents for home or residential clients. It is easy to approach prices in both residential and commercial sectors in Lahore, Pakistan, and permanently eliminate them. So why hesitate:

Our Rodent Control Procedure

Warehouses, food production, restaurants, homes, and other facilities constantly face rodent problems. In King Pest Control, we address rodent problems by following these simple procedures:


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First, our professional rodent control identifies every possible entry point for rats into residential and commercial sectors, nesting areas, and rodent activity.

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Our professional rodent control team uses safe and effective methods to eliminate rat infestations in homes and businesses. For these, there are two approaches

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Residential Rodent Control Methods

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In residential rodent removal, the main focus is to deal with more minor infestations of house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. These are done by following rodent removal techniques

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Our professionals commonly use snap, bait, and live traps to capture and eliminate rat infestations from homes

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Bait Stations

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Bait stations are a type of rat removal device or strategy that uses rat food to attract and kill rodents from homes. They are sometimes also used in commercial settings.

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Removing those sources from inside and outside the home that cause rodents, such as leaky pipes, food storage, crumbs, spills

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Natural Repellents

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In Natural rat repellent, we used peppermint, Citronella, and Eucalyptus oil to deter rodents. Sometimes, we used Herbs and Mint in this rat removal procedure

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Commercial Rodent Control Methods

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It addresses areas like warehouses, restaurants, office buildings, or factories in commercial settings. Because there are bundles of things that cause rodents in commercial sectors

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Commercial rodent control methods are

Professional-grade Traps

In commercial settings, large and more powerful traps, such as glue traps, are used in specific situations to control rodents.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

This combines strategies, such as bait stations, exclusion, sanitation, and targeted application of rodenticides, to manage rodent populations long-term.

Habitat Modification

In this technique, our experts eliminate nesting sites, manage vegetation around the building, and remove debris piles.
Our professional rodents control and seal entry points to prevent future rat infestations. They seal cracks, holes, loading docks, overhead doors, and other potential entry points around the foundation. Windows, doors, and utility lines are crucial to prevent future infestations.


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How much does Rodent control Cost in Lahore Pakistan

The average Rodent control Cost in Lahore, Pakistan, is from PKR 2,000 to PKR 10,000 for a single treatment session. But it also depends on several factors as:

Size and type of property

A residential setting will cost less than a commercial setting.

Severity of infestation

A more significant rat infestation will require more extensive treatment.

Treatment methods used

The type of traps, bait, and exclusion methods used can influence the cost.

Frequency of service

A one-time treatment may be cheaper than a long-term rodent prevention plan.


How Do Rodents Enter into Your Homes?
Rodents can enter homes through various means, such as sewage drains, doors, pipes, Vents, and chimneys.
What Should I Do Today To Prevent Rodents?
Secure every possible entry point that causes rodents to enter our home. Otherwise, contact a professional rat control service near me.
What is the cheapest way to control rodents?
Seal entry points, minimizing food and water sources, decluttering your home, and trimming vegetation are the cheapest ways to control rodents.